By Jonathan Kis-Lev

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WINNER OF THE BAMAHANE PRIZE ● A riveting debut novel in accordance with the unique correspondence among Mahatma Gandhi and his mentor Leo Tolstoy ● A deal with for fans of ancient fiction ● in line with a real STORY
Dear Tolstoy Yours Gandhi tells the tale of the not likely friendship among a 40-year-old Indian legal professional and an 80-year-old Russian author−a friendship that resulted in the tip of British rule in India, and set the level for the yank Civil Rights stream, in addition to the tip of South African Apartheid. Kis-Lev skillfully weaves this story of a shy legal professional, M. ok. Gandhi, who dared to put in writing to his long-time concept, Leo Tolstoy. Why Tolstoy selected to reply to the unknown attorney, and the way their friendship constructed, is unveiled during this riveting historic novel.
Seven years within the writing, Dear Tolstoy Yours Gandhi draws upon 1000s of letters, diary entries and unique resources, to create a powerful, deeply relocating novel from a author "whose knowing of human psychology by no means fails to thrill." (THE REVIEWER)
Advance compliment for DEAR TOLSTOY YOURS GANDHI:
"A effective, arguable, and engaging plunge right into a mentor-mentee courting . . . Irresistible." − THE REVIEWER
"Gorgeous . . . strikes with the speed of a thriller." − THIS WEEK
"This novel is a brave tribute to Gandhi and his common teachings. It has a obdurate honesty that feeds the soul." − Dan Klein, The final Opinion
"Painstakingly researched, superbly hewn, compulsively readable . . . to not be missed." − DER TAG
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During the hour that undefined, Tatiana went via the entire very important letters addressed to her father. ultimately, there has been one left.
"This," she took the letter and checked out her father, "is from one Hindu −"
Tolstoy's eyes lit up. "A Hindu?"
"Yes," Tatiana checked out the letter, "one called Gandhi."
"I by no means heard of him!"
"Well, he asks for permission to reprint what you've gotten written in regards to the challenge of India and British Rule. am i able to ship him an approval?"
Tolstoy mumbled, "Who is he? what number copies does he wish printed?"
Tatiana sighed, "He is simply a Hindu legal professional from" − she glanced on the letter − "South Africa. He desires to produce twenty thousand copies. Papa, am i able to ship him approval −"
"Twenty thousand copies?!" Tolstoy's eyes widened. "That is superb! What else does he write?"
Tatiana took a deep breath. "Papa, i am tired."
"I am drained too, Tatiana, yet this is often vital! What else does he write?!"
Tatiana bit her lip and commenced reading:
"Dear Sir,
I take the freedom of inviting your consciousness to what has been happening in South Africa for almost 3 years.
There is in that colony a British Indian inhabitants of approximately 13,000. those Indians have for numerous years worked less than many of the felony disabilities. the unfairness opposed to colour is excessive in that colony. it's principally due, as far as we're involved, to alternate jealousy."
"Mmmm...." Tolstoy murmured, "interesting... move on!"
Tatiana saved reading.
"The climax used to be reached 3 years in the past, with a legislations which I and so forth thought of to be degrading and calculated to unman these to whom it used to be applicable."
"Law!" Tolstoy muttered, "Probably a few discrimination disguised as 'law'...."
Tatiana nodded and stored reading.
"I felt that submission to legislations of this nature used to be inconsistent with the spirit of precise faith. I and a few of my buddies have been and nonetheless are enterprise believers within the doctrine of nonresistance to evil."
Tolstoy leaned ahead, "'Nonresistance to evil'? is that this how he writes it?"
Tatiana nodded.
A small smile seemed on her father's face. "Who is this Gandhi?"
*  *  *  *
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